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Meet Catherine

Catherine Provencal - Natural Health Consultant

My journey with chronic illness started as a child; asthma, eczema and allergies were my main conditions among other symptoms. My eagerness to find solutions to my health issues led me to obtain a bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Quebec in Montreal where I am from.




After moving to the US and working successfully at several great companies including EO Products and BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc., all of my symptoms worsened considerably and stronger steroid prescription creams were needed. Desperate, I researched alternative approaches which brought me to acupuncture and different diets. The frequent treatments improved my breathing and reduced inflammation drastically, so much so, that I decided to attend the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, a four year program that I completed with Summa Cum Laude obtaining a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine.




During my time in Berkeley I started following a “Paleo” style diet that was taught and recommended in my Oriental Medicine Nutrition class. This high fat diet combined with being a new mum while studying hard added considerable stress to my body and not long after finishing my studies larger patches of eczema developed on my skin and  the cortisone creams were making it worse. Distraught and in intense pain I stumbled upon an eczema support group on Facebook where several members were following a particular diet with great results. These people were applying the information presented by Anthony William from his books Medical Medium. With my personaI experience and background it was easy for me to recognize the truth in Anthony’s work and that is how my journey back to health finally started. 




I diligently applied this new knowledge and my symptoms worsened once more! In all the years utilizing the steroid creams, especially the class 1 super potent corticosteroid ones or the cortisone shots, not once I had been alerted by my doctors about the long term side effects such as Topical Steroid Addiction also known as Red Skin Syndrome (you can learn more about it here). My body had become so dependent on the medication that the withdrawal and detox process were initially very painful and it was with the support of a health coach that I was able to continue with the program and become healthy for the first time in my life! As an added bonus my asthma and allergies improved tremendously to the point where medications were no longer necessary. 


I know first hand how crucial it is to have support when you are trying to heal and that’s the reason why I created my own health consulting practice.

I have extensive knowledge in nutrition, exercise, chronic illness, mindfulness and of course Traditional Chinese Medicine, Meridian Balancing Therapy, herbs and supplements. My Acupuncture practice is in Mill Valley, CA and I offer Online Consulting Services to anyone in the world. Here is a link to my Acupuncture practice: Catherine Provencal, MSOM, L.AC.


I am here to help you, call/text or email me anytime.


Or schedule a 15 minutes free consultation.


Follow me on Instagram and learn more about the details of my story.



My story was published in The Sun. You can scroll and read about my journey with TSW .

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