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“Since working with Catherine and Claudia in just a short time (2 months) on many issues that I have struggled with since I can remember, I have experienced so many positive changes in my life. When I sleep, I finally sleep deeply and feel more rested, I have stopped wearing my nightly grinding teeth guard, my chronic headaches have subsided. My diet has changed drastically for the better. The knowledge this team has around nutrition and how to best support one's health and well being is incredible. I have learned so much in just a few months, regarding the reasons why we suffer chronic illness and how to heal. It has been what feels like a lifetime of waiting for this information. Everyday I am so grateful to be working with Catherine and Claudia. This is lifetime journey" 

  ~ Melissa H. (USA)
Healing Journey Day 3
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“Working with Catherine and Claudia has been a big help in my healing journey. Not only are they both skilled within their fields, working with Catherine who is healing herself with similar issues has provided great insight, knowledge and a true understanding of what I'm going through. For the first time I have felt heard and they are working WITH me and supporting me through my healing journey." 

  ~ Emily B. (Australia)

"I've had adrenal fatigue for years. It has debilitated my social life and ability to exercise, go out, and have fun and work without difficulty. I tried everything meditation, gentle yoga, therapy, herbs and diets, yet despite being disciplined and quite committed in those areas, I was still having insomnia, pain, difficulties focusing at work and was exhausted all the time.

I tried different modalities to release them but I was impatient and they wouldn’t work and then I met Catherine and Claudia and working directly with them was the missing piece. I first began working with Catherine and she has guided me towards a full Medical Medium diet and I began acupuncture with her that always left me feeling better and rested. I then worked with Claudia to add the correct herbs to my regime.  I quickly started realizing I was never on the right herbs from other practitioners. I could simply feel this difference and that happened quite swiftly. I started seeing small successes in how I felt and I soon began to realize I was finally in hands of people who were qualified to help guide me towards true healing.  The cycling through endless practitioners had finally ended.

My adrenal fatigue started with childhood trauma and I’ve learned that this is a process that’s slow and takes time, but it’s potent and lasting. I am still on my healing path but Catherine and Claudia’s constant accessible support has encouraged me to listen to my body and slow down and most importantly to be patient and that guidance continues to help.  I am dedicated to my healing and having Catherine and Claudia’s wisdom and expertise has led to accelerating my progress in healing.  It’s such a relief to finally be in the hands of people who are not only incredible supportive but who can actually guide one towards true healing.

Here are some improvements I experienced from working with these wonderful women:


- The frequency of my insomnia is decreasing, and I sleep better.

- I have an easier time falling asleep and falling back asleep when I wake up in the middle of the night to pee.

- The frequency of headaches has dropped. Whereas I used to have to plan a whole week around one event or social occasion, I am starting to be more spontaneous. I have more energy to get chores done.

- I don’t need as much recovery time as I used to. Of course, I still am more limited than others and I have to be careful not to expend too much energy, but the fact that I have some life energy back is huge progress.

- I have more energy to handle stressful days at work


It was also wonderful to finally connect with people that understood what adrenal fatigue is and what I was going through. I still have adrenal fatigue and need more rest and quiet time than others, but I am finally on the path to healing and this brings not only peace to my body but I am able to have more patience as the small successes are so very encouraging. With Catherine and Claudia’s guidance, I know how to work with my limitations instead of feeling like it is working against me.

Thank you, Catherine and Claudia. I feel nothing but deep gratitude for you."


 ~ Jennifer N. (USA)

excema on hands
excema healed hands
“I started working with Catherine and Claudia after looking for solutions to my severe case of eczema. They created a custom nutrition plan and helped me implement it at my own pace. After several weeks I was happy to notice some improvement on my skin. The second phase of the plan included some cleanses and the results were great, my skin finally cleared up! I enjoy food and my diet is not always perfect, but now I have the experience and tools to take care of myself if I indulge a little too much." 

  ~ Nicolas G. (Mexico)
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